Private, english-speaking
Kindergarten and preschool Kinder’ki

unicef parton przedszkola bilingual

Kinder’ki Preschool creates unique conditions necessary for the intellectual and physical development of children.

A combination of a cosy, domestic atmosphere and qualified staff helps our children deal with being separated from their parents. Moreover, each preschooler acquires skills and knowledge fundamental to his/her further progress.

Kinder’ki’s aims are the following:

theoretically acquaint children with healthy nutrition rules by implementing them in the preschool on a daily basis (theory supported by practice) introduce children to the English-speaking world (by means of amusement) at such a level that enables problem-free communication teach basic manners and rules of good behaviour

Children will be familiar with English after 4 years of time spent with us.

przedszkole anglojezyczne

Children – our greatest treasure, which is why having your youngster at our preschool can put your mind to rest.

We speak both Polish and English.

„A sound mind in a sound body”

We lead children to success.